What is the difference between Cinematic Strings 2 (CS2) and Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS)?

Cinematic Strings 2 (CS2) is a much-loved library that has been out for several years and is still very popular with students and professional composers alike. Recorded in a large concert hall, CS2 has a very big lush sound and is one of the easiest-to-use professional-level string libraries on the market. CS2 is 22.5GB installed and priced at US$299 (excl. tax) - the price was reduced from $399 when CSS was released. 

The new library Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS) was recorded in a purpose-built Hollywood-style scoring stage. It has the same kind of GUI as CS2 but has more articulations, including con sordino and portamento (the full list is on the website). The legato engine is a bit more complex and has a bit of a learning curve but is capable of amazing realism. CSS is the first in a full-orchestra series in which all the sections will all blend perfectly together. So far we have released the accompanying piano library (CSP) and Cinematic Studio Solo Strings (CSSS). Brass is due for release in Dec 2018 and Woodwinds and Percussion will follow. CSS is about 34.5GB installed and is US$399 (excl. tax). 

So CS2 has a concert hall sound, and is easy to use straight out of the box; CSS has a scoring-stage sound, has more articulations and more realistic legato. To help you choose please listen carefully to the demos on the websites as they are true to the sound (very little EQ or reverb in the CS2 demos and none in the CSS demos). I'd also recommend watching the videos to get a feel for how the libraries work, read reviews etc. And please check the minimum requirements for each library. If you would like further information please don't hesitate to contact us at cs2infoandmarketing@gmail.com.


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